Lost, But Not Forgotten: Learn to Formulate Your Brand Identity and Growth!

Creating your brand identity is important for selling your product or service. Simply put, the more people know and are attracted to your brand, the more chances you have of increasing sales. The brand identity helps you build your company’s overall structure so that people take you as a classy and appealing brand that knows what they are doing.

If you aim to increase your sales and expand your growth, use the following methods to build your company’s identity.

How to Create the Perfect Identity for Your Brand

Decide Your Brand Purpose

What is the aim of your brand? What problems does it solve? How are you different from the competitors? It’s vital to determine the purpose of your brand to create a brand identity. This will guide you to build up a strategy and help you create the perfect look and feel for our brand. Some of these elements include a tagline, slogan and brand voice. Once you know your brand’s purpose, you can also create an outline of your key benefits and qualities that differentiate you from the competitors. Why should customers choose you and what makes you unique?

For instance, you may sell a game app that helps children to learn while simultaneously entertaining them. In this case, your brand’s aim should be assisting in teaching kids in an easy, quick and effective. Your brand name, app layout, and other things should represent your purpose.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Of course, the main goal of your brand is to differentiate your business from others. To stand out, you need to know the market trends. This means it is important to understand what brand strategies competitors are using and how their landscape looks like. If you don’t apply this tactic, your business may sit on the sidelines like many other brands waiting for customers to buy their products or services amongst a crowded market.

Learn how your competitors display themselves. What kind of brand personalities do they usually adopt? What colors and visuals are they using? Are they attractive and appealing? For instance, you may find your competitor using red and blue colors. You can use other colors to be different.

You can take the example of Hello Freshit uses a unique green color scheme that shines out in front of its competitors.

Research Your Target Audience

As you shape your brand identity depending on what you want to present to the public, you also need to consider your target audience’s expectations and preferences. Moreover, think about which brand voice and visual elements can attract the audience.

For illustrative purposes, imagine you are in B2B and you target millennial industry leaders. From your research, you get to know that they prefer conversational and casual tones. Then, use this research to develop your brand personality, visual identity, and brand voice.

Build your Brand Personality and Voice

Once you gather the insights, it’s time to create an exceptional voice and personality you want to associate with your company. Remember, it should completely depend on your target audience along with the products and services your business offers.

As an example, B2B brands usually communicate with an authoritative and professional brand voice, as well as a highly serious personality. However, as you have learned, if the audience prefers a conversational tone, it may be smart to go on an informative and friendly path regarding your brand personality and voice.

The brand voice can be technical, authoritative, professional, conversational, fun or friendly, depending on the previously mentioned factors. On the other hand, your brand personality can be anything from spontaneous to reliable, serious, personable, and more.

If you see the company called “Freshly Chopped,” they have chosen a reliable personality and friendly voice on their brand’s Twitter account as they are a healthy food company.

Besides social media, you need to highlight your brand personality on every platform and channel. Don’t forget to use the same brand voice on all your advertising messages and brand communication.

Create Your Visual Identity

Creating a visual identity is the most important thing if you want to grow your company. Start by choosing a unique and classy adjective for the brand and try to visualize them. For instance, Evernote has an elephant logo, which comes from the idea that an elephant never forgets. So, it is a classic way to advocate your brand purpose and the benefit of using your product or service in a visual manner.

Moreover, colors also play a vital role in spreading the message of your brand. For instance, using playful and bright colors is a way to show youthfulness and energy, while white and black visuals can convey that your brand is simple, elegant, and sophisticated.

Don’t forget to look for typography and graphics that goes well with your brand. For instance, modern fonts can convey a message of style, exclusivity, and intelligence. You need to develop a better understanding of font psychology so that you can decide which typefaces are great for your brand.

Bottom Line

Now you know how you can make a brand identity that can help your company reach the heights of success. Don’t forget to work on all the methods mentioned above so that you get the results your brand deserves!

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