Future Proofing your Growth

As businesses navigate the complex guidance put forth by local governments, municipalities, and other enforcing agencies, many are left wondering how they can provide brand and business continuity plans that avoid complete shutdowns of any kind both in customer acquisition and fulfillment.

We’re going to focus on the customer acquisition part of the equation. TheRiot Agency is well known in the Customer Acquisition Process space, we help businesses architect systems that help them grow their businesses in a measurable, scalable, and most importantly achievable process.

Our formula for success is the following:

(CX/Touch Points) * Technology = KPI Opportunities

KPI * Influence = Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing * Strategy = Customer Acquisition Process

What does this actually mean? It means understanding how your business operates from beginning to end. It means recognizing that if your goal is to build a brand you need a brand that generates influence over every interaction and touchpoint.

This is the process of future proofing your business but for the sake of time, we’re going to spend our efforts looking at just how we acquire new customers.

We want to speak to them with relevance to where they are in the journey to help reduce friction and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

Examples of how we do this.

  1. We make them aware we exist, we leverage things like social media, pay-per-click advertising and public relations
  2. We provide a snippet of valuable information to position ourselves as a helpful expert to entice them to give us their contact information, we call this gated content or lead magnets
  3. Once contact information has been obtained, we use automation coupled with contextual marketing to drive interest in our product/services based upon their place in the journey paired with their segmentation information
  4. We continue to position ourselves as helpful, consultative exports prior, during and after the sale

Adding in information that is relevant to them regarding the product or service they are interested is how we create context. These details are what we call segmentation information and they are things like address, interests, obstacles and opportunities plus past engagement history and behavior.

It is this combination of creative-inspired, data-directed messaging that creates timely, relevant and most importantly valuable information for our prospects, customers and partners.

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