Remarketing Through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google AdWords

Modern technologies, like social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and search engines like Google, have entirely altered how marketing and remarketing are done. Digital marketing through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords is highly effective, and so is remarketing using these platforms.

A remarketing strategy is designed to facilitate a connection with potential customers, who previously interacted with your site or mobile app. This is a strategic marketing campaign through which ads are placed right in front of the targeted audience to remind them to make a purchase or improve brand awareness and recognition.

Since remarketing targets customers who have already been to your site or someone who has shown interest in your services or products, it is not creepy or invasive. This allows the target to see the right ad and hopefully, at the right moment, to make a purchase. This makes remarketing a highly effective strategy that every business should use.

Selling online is an uphill task for businesses, especially those suffering from low or no conversions and the infamous cart abandonment epidemic. This calls for marketers to rethink and re-engineer their tactics and embrace tactics like remarketing, which allows you to display a perfect ad for the customer and at the right time.

This is an incredibly cheap marketing strategy that improves the conversion rates and can potentially increase return visits to your site by over 50%. Remarketing campaigns are easier to set up, monitor, and maintain. Among other benefits, these will set your business apart from close competitors and already established brands.

Remarketing through platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords present businesses with numerous benefits and opportunities. These benefits include improved brand recall, higher conversion rates, reach highly targeted audiences, well-timed marketing, and improved relevancy of ads.

Benefits of Remarketing Through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords

1. Improved Brand Recall

Remarketing is an ideal strategy for reminding customers about your business, including your offer’s products and services. This promotes your brand’s exposure, which is beneficial to your business as the more a prospective buyer sees the products and services you offer, the more likely they are to purchase.

Through remarketing strategies, you will stay on top of the potential customer’s mind. Since most consumers react positively to ads they are interested in, they are more likely to search for your products as remarketing will improve your brand’s recall. This technique is incredibly powerful for building a strong brand.

2. Higher Conversion Rates

Converting marketing leads to sales is the ultimate goal for every marketing campaign as it improves the return on investment . Remarketing facilitates a particularly high conversion rate as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ad Words have the best reach. For instance, Google reaches more than 90% internet users worldwide, 65% of whom they reach daily.

Obtaining more conversions from remarketing is precise because the target audience stays reminded of your products and highly likely to consider purchasing from your business when they need the services or products you offer. Besides, the greater the brand’s exposure, driven by this strategy, the more the business increases the chances for a future sale.

3. Reach Highly Targeted Audiences

Remarketing enhances your audience targeting based on the interests and demographics of the audience. This strategy facilitates a non-invasive targeting, through which warm leads, such as visitors who abandoned a shopping cart in your site, can be targeted and lead to sales. The remarketing strategy can be based on a list of variables concerning visitors who have been on your site that your brand wants to target.

The ability to target a specific audience is a powerful marketing tool that limits the marketing budget and lowers the online advertising cost. Obtaining a hyper-focused marketing campaign is a highly significant benefit or remarketing and reduces the creepiness of ads since the target audience is already interested in your services or products.

4. Well-Timed Marketing

The prompt reach of remarketing ads is known to increase brand awareness and increased closure. For instance, Google AdWords allows you to display your ads to people who have been on your site even when these prospective customers are searching for the products and services you offer on another site.

This timely display of ads to potential customers increases your likelihood to sell as for customers, it increases their ease of finding the products and services online.

Besides, remarketing using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google AdWords provides you with your remarketing campaign statistics and insights that can be used to calculate the impact of the campaign and help improve future remarketing campaigns.

5. Improved Relevancy of Ads

Ad relevance is a concern for most internet users. When an ad is not relevant to what an internet user is looking for on the internet, it is considered annoying and invasive. This can hurt the reputation and image of the brand when online marketing strategies are not well organized.

Remarketing targets interested customers. This increases the ad’s relevance and improves the chances of the potential customer clicking the ad and visiting your site.

Marketing based on the previous actions of the potential customers who visited your sites increases the relevance of the ads displayed. Behavior segmentation can be used to appeal to a potential customer’s interests by tweaking the ads to match their behavior.

Bottom line

The merits of remarketing through Facebook, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn, make this a top choice for elite companies. For these and more reasons, if your business does not already adopt this strategy, we recommend it!

Every business should be engaging in remarketing as it creates more value from the campaign by reducing the marketing budget, increasing the ROI, and increasing sales conversion. Besides, these platforms offer efficient pricing for remarketing and have significantly increased the ease of ad creation.

When used together, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, and Facebook from a formidable force in marketing that combines highly effective platforms for B2C and B2B marketing. These platforms will help your business target, reach, and convert sales from the perfect audience for your products and services.

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